Legal Opinion

Legal opinion is a written document compiled according to the legal question asked by a person. It is well drafted legal document with all supporting legal clauses, laws, case laws, notification and circular with respect to certain a particular query. It is used by a person in case of confusion with stakeholders associated with the company or in case, tax department raises a concern about a particular transaction, the legal opinion safeguards the person.

₹ 1000 All inclusive price

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About the service

In this service, Clients can avail either telephonic or written legal opinion according to their requirements.

1. Telephonic
  • Fee: ₹500
  • After payment of fee, assess will put his phone number along with a short explanation to query in the query sheet.
  • The assess shall put his availability slot i.e. when he is available and a call shall be made by us at that time to discuss the issue.
  • The whereabouts of the assess would be optional to mention.
  • After the submission of form and payment, we will prepare the draft reply on the query in favour of the client putting all the legal base and precedence on the basis of the issue to be raised.
  • Also a consultancy would be provided that how to appear before the authority, what to represent and supporting papers.

2. Written
  • Fee: ₹2000 / Question
  • Requirements: Name of the Assesse, Address, GSTIN, Questions
  • After submission of fee and questions, a legal opinion would be prepared.


1. Charges may vary case to case

2. Charges for handling the cases would be on customised basis

How it works

  • Step 1

    Discuss the case with us

  • Step 2

    Provide the list of questions

  • Step 3

    Get a perfect legal opinion from a competent authorized person

  • Step 4

    Share with your stakeholders

Questions? We’re just a call away…

Have any questions about the sevices? Just reach out to us.

1800 5724 183 |

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