I have filed correct information in GST return but still my refund is not sanctioned.

2021-11-16 | admin

In cases where the exporter has filed correct information in the GST returns and it gets successfully validated by the GSTN, it is thereafter transmitted electronically to the Customs system wherein the GST return data is matched with the shipping bill data. If the matching is successful, ICES processes the claim for refund and the relevant amount of IGST paid with respect to each shipping bill or bill of export is electronically credited to the exporter’s bank account as registered with the Customs authorities. But, wherever the matching fails on account of some error, the refund does not get sanctioned. The matching between the two data sources is done at the invoice level and any mismatch of the laid down parameters results in one or more of the following errors/responses: 

Code Meaning
SB000 Successfully validated
SB001 Invalid SB details
SB 002 EGM not filed 
SB 003 GSTIN mismatch 
SB004 Record already received and validated 
SB005 Invalid invoice number
SB006 Gateway EGM not available
PFMS VALIDATION ERROR Bank Account details of the exporter not validated in PFMS

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